Essential Oil Starter Kits

Family Essentials

Family Essentials Kit

Top ten oils + free beadlets

Kit price: $150 


Home Essentials

Home Essentials Kit

Top 10 oils + a diffuser

Kit price: $275 + save $86 below retail

Natural Solutions

Natural Solutions Kit

Most popular and a bit of all the goodies with rewards back

Kit price: $550 + save $220 below retail + 100 free credits

Every Oil

Every Oil Kit

You may want them all!

Kit price: $1825 + save $300 below retails + 200 free product credits


Diamond Kit

Diamond Kit

Biggest savings and smartest investment!

Kit price: $2650 + save $800 below retail + 400 free product credits


doTERRA does offer a few other kits, but these are the more bang for your buck and most popular!

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